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NOTICE - Pitstop Solutions previously distributed our NGA product and obtained excellent results. Pitstop Solutions may be using NGA testimonials and data to sell copy-cat products that are not GHS certified and not manufactured by RWM Technologies as claimed in their advertising.

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Our products have been used by Philip Morris (30M series), Ameripolish (Power Clenz), numerous animal producers (NGA), and thousands of consumers. Our products are GHS tested and certified non-corrosive, are less toxic than baking soda, and clean as well or better than competing products. All products are 100% biodegradable and also control odor naturally unlike competing products.

Systems & Methods International invented NGA based on research and development of surface active cleaning products and 4 years research in examining details within many reports including; 2001 Purdue University report testing 35 hog manure pit additives in 2001 published in National Hog Farmer by Joe Vansickle, March 15, 2001; publication “Environmental Contaminants Associated With A Swine Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation And Implications For McMurtrey National Wildlife Refuge,” US Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Environmental Quality, Region 6, Nebraska Field Office, 203 West Second Street, Grand Island, Nebraska 68801, July 2004; and Technical Paper, “Deodorization of Pig Manure Using Lignin Peroxidase with Different Electron Acceptors,” published in Journal of The Air & Waste Management Association, 2016, Volume 66, Number 4, pp 420-428

Dr. Teng Lim's team summary findings and report on NGA may be found at the University of Missouri link immediately below.


ALL SAMI products are non-corrosive and lower in toxicity than common baking soda by design.

SAMI Product Application Scope

NGA – Next Generation Animal Agriculture

Animal confinement manure (pit or pond water) additive– swine, cattle & duck ponds – NGA is the ONLY certified non-corrosive and ultra-low toxicity treatment available. NGA has been evaluated by Dr. Teng Lim's team at the University of Missouri. Dr. Lim's summary and final report at the University of Missouri is located at this link -

Power Clenz

Concrete and hard surface cleaning without acids, evolved gases, and chlorine oxidizers – safe to use, ultra-low toxicity

30M series – Surface active cleaner providing extended odor control

General surface cleaning for home and industry with extended odor control - safe to use, ultra-low toxicity, certified GHS non-corrosive

Triple C - Complete Cleaner with Cedar - concentrated disinfectant - one quart makes one gallon disinfectant solution